Tai chi demonstration in Kuala Lumpur

straight sword demonstration

Nigel and Lian Sutton attacking Vin who demostrates his iron shirt skills

Next Vin and I changed into our green Zhong Ding taiji t shirts and performed push hands and a sword sparring demonstration. Vin also performed a 5 ancestors straight sword form. Nigel and Fong also performed. Next Vin showed off his new Nei gong skills which he has been practicing religiously for 100 days.


First Vin walked out and Min Sutton as well. She punched him repeatedly in the stomach, when this had no effect she came and got me. I went up to Vin and punched him several times as hard as I could also to no avail so I went off stage to get Nigel Sutton. He came and began to punch Vin as hard as he could, not only in the stomach but also the throat, at the same time Lian Sutton snuck up behind Vin and punched him in the back.


Although this sequence was all stage the punches where not. I punched Vin as hard as I could and so did everyone else. Vin just stood there and took it without any outwards sign of pain.


After this demonstration we thought it was all over but Guru Azlan asked Vin and I to help him teach a Silat seminar nearby. I wasn’t worried about that but I was worried about my black gi. I had been wearing it two days in a row and it had dried sweat twice revived in it. It was now wet and stunk to high heaven. Of course Vin and I agreed to help and we put our sweaty old uniforms back on. The smell was terrible. As we walked to the hall where the seminar was taking place I hoped that Guru Azlan would take one whiff and turn us away.

Min Sutton punching Vin



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