7th, December, 2011. Rain all day. I just stayed at home sleeping and reading until 5 when I went to Thai boxing. During our sparring session I was put against a short muscular man who I hadn’t seen at the gym before. It soon became apparent that he didn’t muck around with that tippy tap shit and he was also very handy with the leg kicks ( or should I say footy?) he landed a good few kicks to my ribs which giggled my guts around uncomfortably and would rush in peppering my face with blows. My tactic of kicking the front leg as my opponent comes in wasn’t working as well as it had on my other opponents and by the end of the minute I was suitable shaken.

But once you get over that fleeting feeling of shame and anger of being thrashed you can see the good it has done you. You realise that while you were skipping in that field of fake flowers thinking you had this Thai boxing game all sussed out and that you were getting better by the minute, what was really happening was you were getting complacent and you simply hadn’t had the imagination to know that you were at the bottom of a very long ladder.


A good smack in the chops, all your strikes easily checked and countered, these are things which bring you back down to earth to the far more interesting arena of the realistic student.


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