Wednesday, 30th, November, 2011.

I had stayed up far too late last night. Sarah had got back from work at 1:00 in the morning and we stayed up chatting. This morning I was so tired, I had many nightmares about spiders last night. I would open my eyes and hallucinate seeing spindly staggering spiders on the ceiling. I would curl up and watch them fearfully and try and edge myself away and then I would get up and turn the light on. There were no spiders apart from one clambering over my pillow. I shudderd involuntarily and getting a glass I scooped it up and flung it outside. ‘’but what if it just came straight back in?’’


Today Catherine got Sarah and I to weed a steep flower bed. I was going at it with my fork, fairly flying through the weak rooted grass, flinging it all around satisfied with my progress. I stopped for a moment to mop my brow when I felt a tickling sensation around my stomach. I lifted up my t shirt and there was a large hairy spider scaling my abdomen. I shouted loudly and jumped in the air feverishly whipping the spider off. I took my gloves and t shirt off and marched around searching my skin with great paranoia.


After Thai boxing I attended another of the scuba diving theory lessons. Today we were learning all about the effect pressure has on your body and the air you breath. What I found interesting is that your lungs actually turn the air in into a liquid, The blackberry shaped Alveoli then absorbs it into your blood stream.

We learnt that air compresses to half its size at 10 meters, so at ten meters underwater you would need to breath twice as much air. If you rose to the surface too quickly then the air in your lungs would expand and bust them and the oxygen and nitrogen in your blood steam would double in size and could cause brain embolisms.

We learn about nitrogen narcosis which sometimes happens to divers who go below 18-24 meters deep. You get a euphoric drunk feeling and loose common sense. Mario our instructor said he has seen divers trying to give their air regulator to fish when they have nitrogen narcosis.

Mario talked about a group of scuba divers who were performing a drift dive, they went down and swam into a powerful current which ripped them down to 90 meters and then spat them back out. Most of them died and many of their bodies where never recovered. At 90 meters the air in your body would be condensed 13 times smaller and if the current then throws you up to the surface the air with expand again to its original size within your veins and lungs.

Mario told many horror stories but he added that these people caught in a current were diving in a dangerous place and if you are just sensible you with easily come away with no damage. He told us how he burst his ear drum a few times and how it’s like someone shoving a red hot poker into your ear hole.


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