Monday, 28th, November, 2011. When I arrived at Thai boxing today the gyms floor was stripped of its plastic cover and bare unpainted wood was revealed. I asked Isaac what had happened and he shook his head in disbelief. ‘’it was my boys 18th birthday on Saturday and him and his mates couldn’t get into a bar because some of them were underage so he asked me if they could have a party here at the gym. I let them, then the next day I came in and I was going to teach a woman’s kick boxing class and the whole gym was a complete mess, like a flood of alcohol all over the floor. I had to cancel two classes that day, I was pretty pissed off’’ he said as he sat on the edge of the boxing ring.

I for one was a little surprised that he allowed a group of under 18 year olds to drink in his gym. The class was relaxed as I think many people were hung over from the weekend.


Straight after the class I drove to the swimming pool and met up with Mario. I signed up to an open water scuba course last week and today I was going to get my first taste of it in the pool. There was a group of 4 other people taking the course. A girl who had just finished her degree in marine biology and who needed the course to get a job and another man who works on private boats and needs the course to be able to do repairs underwater.


We started by slowly going through all the procedures for attaching the scuba tank and up to the 1st and second stage breathing apparatus, how to turn the air on and attach the BC waistcoat on. Soon we had put our gear on and we all slipped into the pool. We practised safety drills like how to reattach your breathing apparatus when it comes out, how to make yourself neutrally buoyant so you don’t fall to the bottom or float to the top. The first few breaths I took underwater felt incredibly peculiar and I was tense and wide eyed but soon I relaxed and we practised swimming and practising drills in the deep end of the pool.

One thing which surprised and disgusted me was how dirty the pool water was. Hairs, jelly like things floating around miscellaneous flex’s. ‘’ and this is a good day’’ Mario laughed as we all spoke about the dirt ‘’you don’t want to see it on a bad day’’ he went on.


After two hours we had covered all the basic safety drills and we got out and showered and put away our gear. Scuba is an activity which is gear intensive. There is so much you need and it just makes you realise that what you’re doing is very unnatural. Humans are not meant to breath underwater. My mouth was sore from biting down too hard on the breathing mouth piece.

I had a chat with Mario after the course and it seems that there are a few jobs available for scuba divers in Nelson but only after you have completed your advanced diving course, but I have decided to look into it. Many mussel farms and boat cleaning company’s need scuba divers. It’s a fascinating subject.


On another not I have finally published my first article. Although admittedly it’s online it is still a published piece. The web site ‘’ wrestling roots’’ takes articles from people who have trained in traditional wrestling styles and I contacted the web master and he accepted a piece from me. Also I contacted another web site called backpackers board. Com, which publishes articles online about travel in NZ. I sent a few outlines and they are interested in some of them and at 10 pounds an article they are not well paid but this is just the beginning and you have to start somewhere.



2 thoughts on “PART492 SCUBA DIVING

  1. Really excited for you – £10 a time for online is not bad for a newby. Once they learn to love you like we do it’ll start to go up.

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