Monday, 14th, November, 2011.

Another day off. Sarah and I went to the library and opened an account. We can take 30 items out of the library at one time. I have been very impressed with library’s in NZ and at how full of people they are most of the time. Nelson library has a wide selection and many computers with old newspapers and historic videos. I got a selection of comic books and a few books about China and a book on how to draw and another on how to write. I felt well equipped and excited about all this new stuff I had to learn.

Thai boxing again in the afternoon. Sparring was a bit more amped up today. I sparred with another beginner. A tall man from northern England. Although his technique was not good he was scared even though I was hardly hitting him and he launched back trying to hit me. I easily blocked his punches but a few of his kick somehow managed to land knee on knee, two times in a row. It was a little painful for me and he winced and looked worried. Isaac had gone out and another man was taking the class, he looked concerned with this new man and took him to one side and taught him some technique’s instead.

Sarah and I had seas food hot pot in the evening. We sat around the hob and put shrimps, squid, mussels and tofu and vegetables into the boiling spicy soup until they cooked and we ate over a long period of time.


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