Friday, 11th, November, 2011.

David, Kim, Emily and Nina are leaving tomorrow. They have been waiting for weeks for their fish factory job to start. It never did. They rang the company and even went to their offices to ask what was going to happen but they were always greeted with annoyance and given no information so they waited and now they will leave Nelson to go to Mouteka where they will try and get a job pruning kiwi fruit trees.

Tonight we planned to play some drinking games. We went to a large alcohol ware house called ‘’the mill’’ A huge cavernous building full of poison.

We bought a few boxes of beer and a big bottle of tequila and went back to their hostel. We started with a few new Zealand drinking games and an English one then went onto a few Korean games I have never played before. They were incredibly hard, involving maths, and tricking the next person into adding up your numbers so they would have to say some of the loaded numbers and drink.

We all got drunk very fast, soon all the beer was gone so Kim and I went into town and got some more, had a quick stop off at the 24 hour burger king then went back to the hostel where we kept on drinking. Poor Nina had far too much to drink and threw up then went to bed and cried loudly. That was when the party wound down. Sarah came to pick me up and I gave Nina a long hung and left.

I was far too drunk to sleep so after Sarah had taken me home I walked straight back into town and spend a few hours staggering around to wear off the spins. A police car went past and then seeing me reversed and gave me an eye balling. I took my hood off and offered a thumbs up and a smile and they took off again. I was surprised at how friendly the streets where and how even the other drunk people where not lairy or fighting. There was no menace in the air. When I felt a bit better I walked back home through the church and went to sleep after having a quiet controlled sick in the loo.


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