Monday, 7th, November, 2011.

Back to the trellice again, even though I stayed an extra hour to work there was still so much to do. I worry that Catherine might think me a slow worker, Altogether I have put a full day’s work into this trellis and I have only just finished painting three quarters of it, I have also been helping out in other areas so I haven’t been able to give it my full attention.


At 5 I went to do Thai boxing in Isaacs fight club gym. I was so excited, I could not wait to begin, but I was nervous as well. I went to the loo several times the hour before we began. We started with skipping, then squats and shuttle runs, heavy bag work and then sparring.

The sparring was the most fun, Sparring is when you can use everything which you have trained. All those exercises of waving your arms around or performing movements which don’t look anything like a martial art just slip into place, everything else is just polishing your armour and sharpening your sword. Sparring is when you use it. I held myself well, using my long legs and arms to my advantage. There are a good amount of well-trained fighters at Isaacs club so it was educational to spar with people who were better than me. The class was only an hour long so in a blink of an eye it was over. Isaac is a minimalist teacher. He gives orders and watches us train, occasionally getting up to give some of the fighters a few tips.

I left at 6 sweaty and pumped, so happy, walking home in the hot sun shine. I feel like my new life is turning out exactly how I wanted it to.

There is something ominous sounding when I think about that sentence. Like in a horror film, when a victim is running away from the monster and they hide behind a tree and pant for a moment and catch their breath ‘’ I think we lost them’’ they say with relief, then they turn their heads slowly and there is a slobbering beast sniffing their locks with glistening nostrils. ROAR!

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