Sunday, 6th, November, 2011.

Today for my work I was given the fiddle task of painting a trellis which still had a rose bush attached to it. It was slow, prickle work. I didn’t have much to show after 4 hours. Scratched arms, slightly painted trellis and slightly painted roses.

In the afternoon Sarah and I went to the cinema to watch ‘’ the trip’’ staring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon.

The cinema screen was average size but what surprised me the most was that there were only 12 seats in the cinema. 12 large leather seats. There was no worry about the person in fronts head getting in the way as his head was on the same level as my feet and the floor.

The Trip was about Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon playing themselves going on a trip around the north of England on a restaurant holiday. The dialog appeared to be quiet spontaneous and I would not be surprised if a lot of it was unscripted. It was a sad film showing Steve Coogan as a serious depressed man who is still trying to reach the heights of stardom after the success of Alan partridge. Both the men showed off their impressions of James Bond and many others. Both actors appeared to like the sound of their own voices and in the same way when you’re listening to someone entertain themselves with their own voice on a microphone it sometimes became tedious.

But the relationship and how both actors played off each other was impressive, the camera work showing of the scenery of northern England added a beauty and depth to the film as well. Land Rover must have been pleased as Steve Coogan was driving a Land Rover in almost every scean of the film and in that way it was a bit like a very long car advert.

‘’have a long meaningful quarrelsome driving holiday in a land rover, for only 500 pounds a month, every month for the rest of your life’’

Little touches of genius in the film like when Steve Coogan is trying to get reception in a bleak moor to call his girlfriend who had run away from their failing relationship and when Rob Brydon gets annoyed with Steves constant dialog and knowledge of where ever they go and visit then Steve walks off in a huff and another traveller comes up to him and begins to talk about how the cliffs where formed millions of years ago and Steve just walks away. There were some very real, clever moments to be had.


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