Thursday, 3rd, November, 2011.

Our last day in the Tasman bay backpackers before we move into Fairfield house and begin to woof. I am not looking forward to working again. I only just finished work and then we had an exciting but tiring trip down south and spent a week or so setting up our new life her,  now I have to work tomorrow. I haven’t even been able to get into a bad sleep pattern!

Sarah, Linda, Sophie and I drove to the beach for the first time. Along a curving road right next to the sea, a tall rock standing out of the water, fishermen standing on the pavement throwing their lines out to sea, careful not to catch any cars. We arrived at the beach, clean sand and a calm almost wave less sea, the beach stretched on further than the eye could see, the large bay circling round and snow caped mountains in the distance. It was quiet surreal and powerful seeing snowy mountains while I stood on a sunny beach.

We all walked along the sand dipping our feet in the water. Linda needed a little persuasion to take her shoes off and paddle. When Sophie took her feet off I was surprised to see that she had massive feet. They were size 10, for a girl that is pretty big, but for a Chinese girl its almost unbelievable, Sarah has size 7 feet and its impossible for her to get woman’s shoes in China and its even quiet hard for her to get decent men’s shoes in that size. The sun was setting and the mountains disappeared behind a long line of clouds, small planes flew low overhead, landing and taking of frequently in a nearby airport. They were propeller planes and even though they were loud they are not as defining as jet planes.

We drove back home after our splash and had for the last time our chocolate pudding and ice cream provided by the hostel. I ate it quickly and felt sad when it was gone.


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