Saturday, 29th, October, 2011.

Now that we have the idea of working at fair field house doing woofing or working in the ”accent on the park” bbh hostel doing exchange for accommodation Sarah and I feel much safer and have decided to slow down with the job hunting. I went to the library in the afternoon to use the free internet and read the large selection of comic books there. What a joy when I was exploring the place for the first time, so many comics!, audio books and of course actual book.

I was looking for a place to sit down when I heard someone call my name. It was Sophie, the girl from China sitting reading from her I pad. I had met Sophie in Te puke doing kiwi packing; we had met in the camp site when Sarah and I had spent a short stint in one of the caravans. Sophie had done the night shift at Travelians so we had not seen her much but I got on with her very well.

She gave me a warm surprised smile. We began talking but I suggested that we leave the library and go for a walk, although in NZ people chat on Skype and children run loose I still feel uncomfortable and rude talking in a library. Sophie packed up and we walked along a river track and sat watching the cormorants and seagulls flying and hopping around us. Sophie is very traditional in some ways, she loves children and cannot wait to get married and have as many as possible. As she talked with misty eyes about how lovely children are I could not help but shudder at the thought of having as many children as possible. Sophie spoke about how she feels there isn’t much time left ” you know now you are 25 Tim, it was only yesterday that you were 18, its too fast and short”

I began to feel a bit depressed; it’s such an odd feeling being sad in the sun shine on a glorious day. I remember doing snowmaking on wild cold nights all alone and they were times to fully become inverted and melancholy but on a warm sunny day with blue skies and a pleasant breeze it just feels wrong. That’s not to say it’s not possible, all this talk about heaps of baby’s and growing old had got me down.

None the less it was great to catch up with Sophie again, she is so bubbly and kind and refreshingly innocent in the way some Chinese people can be. She spoke earnestly about ”the gay” she had met in Christchurch and how they had gone out for drinks and he was touching her arm and every one was looking at them because he was so loud and camp. ” I know he is a gay but he is still a man I felt so uncomfortable him touching me so much” she said half laughing. From the words she used she could be mistaken for being homophobic but really she isn’t.

Sophie had come to Nelson to find a job again, she had come a week earlier for one day and could not find a job so she left for bleihnam to work in the vineyards.” I hated Blenheim and vineyard work is so hard, I want to be in Nelson” She said. ‘‘But there is no jobs here it’s so hard to get one” Sophie said sadly.

I encouraged her saying that there were plenty of jobs; I took her to the supermarket where there were 3 posters advertising new jobs. ” Have you got your cv Sophie?” I asked as we took an application form from the customer service desk at the supermarket. ‘‘No, I didn’t think you needed it” she said plainly. I took Sophie round to a few more shops with job offers and told her very clearly that she has to print her CVs and take them everywhere tomorrow.

Sophie was staying in the Tasman bay pack packers as well so we walked home and met up with Sarah. We sat about in the large living room until 8:00 which was chocolate pudding and ice cream time. A little free treat which the hostel gave out every day to guests. From what I have seen the standard of hostels in Nelson is very high. The two hostels we have stayed in are both so friendly and inviting.

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