Tuesday, 4th, October, 2011.


The slopes are now quiet, even working on the beginners slopes only a few customers today and I think the lack of customer’s finally reflects how bad the weather is now. Too many times I have worked when there is sleet and snow and rain, or bitter cold and wind and still there are stubborn people come up determined to ski.

I watch from behind my goggles as the cold burns my cheeks and I help customers on to lifts which after a few meters disappear into the mists and I wonder why they even bother come up at all. To drive hours and sped hundreds of dollars all for the pleasure of sliding down an icy mountain in near invisibility. Some people are just determined, far from igniting my respect and admiration it just irritates me, in the same way a herd of cows with dull eyes and constantly masticating jaws would.

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