Saturday, 8th, October,2011


The sea was choppy; the sun shone brightly making the surface glitter. I was under water with a group of instructor divers; they were watching me practice how to reapply my breathing apparatus while still underwater. I was calm but quickly as I fumbled in the bubbles and foam to put the mouth piece back in I panicked, my eyes wide with fear, I tensed and began to drown. A woman with blond hair swam towards me and wrenched the mouth peace out of my hands and kissed me, breathing air into my deflated lungs. Golden light inflated my body as I became calm and lay in heaven.

When I woke up Sarah was clutching her eye ” you elbowed my in the face…why?” she said half asleep.

It’s my day off and we went up the mountain, the early morning was a period of sliding down the icy runs but soon the warm weather turned it all to a thin layer of powder, I went streaking down a run from the top of the high noon, still working on long smooth turns when I suddenly flew into a rough icy patch mid turn. I faulted, spun round wrenching my groin and slid down backwards for a moment before hitting the ground hard. I lay experiencing the deeply uncomfortable pain in my groin. I lay and felt it until it faded and I got up again and shakily and slowly carried on down.


In the afternoon Sarah and I went to watch Kung fu panda two. The first film is possible my favorite film of all time but this one was not as good. The new director had given the film a far more juvenile and slapstick air. ” In both films they try and make it very Chinese, with all the colours and kung Fu but they just get it wrong, it’s nothing like China or Chinese films” Sarah said as we emerged after the film had ended.

I had arranged with many people to meet them at the pub to watch the rugby games, wales vs. Ireland and England vs. France. But when the time came I just didn’t want to go out to a bar so I went on my own to the gym and while I worked out I watched the wales vs. Ireland game, I went home tired and didn’t even think about watching the England game. How much have I changed? I don’t even want to go out at night anymore; I don’t want to drink anymore.

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