Friday, 7th, October, 2011.

Tomo has been up in Tauranga for a few days and she came home late last night. This morning I found a note on the table saying that we were using too much gas and electricity, Avon (her boyfriend) had got a large bill the last few months, would we mind paying more? Or just stop using the fire and the oven? There was a bag of hard milk bottle sweets next to the letter.

This put me in a foul mood for the whole morning. Firstly what a bad way to bring the subject up, in a letter on the kitchen table with a bag of sweets as some sort of weak peace pipe. Secondly although the rent isn’t expensive it isn’t very cheap either and without internet, a TV or even a chest of draws in our small room I just wonder how stingy and stupid Avon can be.

What do you expect to happen when two more people move into your house? Of course th ebills are going to go up I think I am quiet sensitive about all this what with MJ in Te puke and living with Carleen and Gary as well, my defenses go up very quickly when I feel like I am being taken advantage of. Its also th efeeling of being helpless, when your in someone else house and they have your money they have most of the power.


A day at the giant drive, I skiied on my breaks, rocks still popping up, some runs now closed to the public, I went down one steep black diamond early in the morning, it was blue ice. I fell over a few times on the hard ice. Still high up I just lost my interest in skiing, every turn a scare, as I gather speed I turn and just slide down side ways over lumpy ice, always on the edge of falling over and sliding down a rough hard steep.

My afternoon runs where much more fun, the snow had melted a bit and I flew down working on smooth long turns.


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