Wednesday, 28th, September, 2011.

I had arranged with Ed to swap days off, so now I have his Wednesday and Thursday and he has my weekend so that he can go to see a rugby game.

I went up the mountain with Sarah in the morning and I pushed Sarah and taught her how to do parallel turns, first we went up the Movenpick, then the Giant then even to my surprise we went up the high noon together. I was impressed with Sarah’s progress. She finished her contract a week ago and now has over a month to ski. I am rather jealous but if I am to go to uni in China next year or become a scuba instructor in Thailand then I really need to save money and for once in my life I want to actually save enough instead of having to borrow money. I feel I am past that stage in my life where it’s acceptable to rely on others for money when my simple disorganization has led to me not having enough.

It was a sunny warm day, the snow was almost slushy and the runs where even and well groomed, it was magic.

I picked up my snowmaking hoody from Shazes office before we went down the mountain. Malarkey one of the day crew is also an illustrator and drew a picture of a rather stoned looking snowmaker pissing on the ground along with this my name was printed and ” snowmakers 2011” on the hoody. I met Khan our old supervisor’s assistant By the medical Centre, he was looking more grumpy than he usually does and he told me that he had shattered his collar bone. He didn’t look happy.

I went to the gym in the evening but for the first time in a long while I felt lack luster, not tired but just lacking in inspiration. I had a mild work out and then went home. I have never appreciated how my interests wax and wane so quickly, because when I am in full tilt I can push myself more than most and my endurance is endless, but when I am spent and disinterested even the thought of that activity is a chore.

Although as I have slowly grown up and in fact in the last year I have sensed a quieting of these two extremes, I am hoping that they are creeping towards each other for a more balanced approa


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