Friday, 23rd, September, 2011.

I worked with Jono today at the Giant drive. The Giant is one of the oldest slowest and longest lifts up here. It takes about 15 minutes for it to take you from the bottom to the top. By which time you’re freezing cold and your feet hurt from your ski boots hanging with the skis digging into your foot. Unlike some of the other lifts the giant does not have foot rests or comfy cushion seats. But no matter as we were not riding the giant today just slaving over the ramp leading to the chairs. The lifty who was here yesterday had left the ramp in a terrible state, all ice, bumpy and uneven with dips and edges everywhere. It was a mammoth task to rectify. The idea should be that every day the liftys stationed at that lift should work slowly but steadily on the ramp trying to keep it topped up with fresh snow and keeping it level. But some people don’t do anything on their ramps the whole day and then its left to the poor person tomorrow to do.

Jono is a lazy man, he told me about his last job in Auckland as a sales representative for some fruit company. His job was to talk with store managers all around Auckland ” Some days I would just not go to some stores and instead would just go to my mates house and get wasted, nobody would know if I was working, my boss thought I worked really hard” He went on to say how he loved to be in charge and boss people around ”it was good to have a respectable job but it was just so fucking boring, so just before their busiest period I told them that I quit and was going to go and snowboard all winter” He laughed.

A group of children from the local Maori school skied down to the lift and came through the gates and slid down our ramp and waited for us to load them onto a chair. They were around 9 years old. ” It’s a cheap radio” Jono said to them as they looked back at us. Jono pointed at his radio. They took off on the chair and when they were out of ear shot Jono said ” there is one good thing about having those niggers up the mountain at least they aren’t breaking into my car”

” They are a bit young for that aren’t they? I think they are rather cute” I said back as another group of young Maori kids slid down towards us. ”Nay I fucking hate them, they get free passes up here, its ridiculous” Jono said spitefully. ” It’s a cheap radio by the way” he said again to the confused kids.


I was in no mood to try and educate Jono, not that it would have helped so I just grabbed a shovel and spent the rest of the day making the ramp looking good. Or as they would say in NZ I spent the day working hard out to make the ramp look mean.

Sods law when I came back from one of my breaks I bought a burger with me and left it in the storage booth. For 2 minutes I sat in the booth and ate my burger and that was the exact time Ben our boss came to check on us. He saw me sitting down while Jono worked, face full of burger looking guilty. He gave me a sturn thumbs up and I hopped up threw my remaining burger on the table and got out side gave him a thumbs up and began to dig again. Ben has never come to check on us at the giant before.

I got home changed and went to the gym and burnt myself out then went to have a meal at David’s house. It was his birthday. David is staying in a large hostel with a group of people also working up the mountain. Also the Olympic Korean snowboarding coach, David is also from Korea. Kim another Korean is also staying there. It was interesting to see the similarities between Chinese people and Korean. The same respect for older people is there. The Coach a middle aged man was cooking and bossing Kim and David around, telling them to fetch this and do that while he served all the food.

There was over 10 of us. The coach served delicious Korean noodles, rice, fruit salad with yoghurt and a birthday cake. I was not in the mood for socializing as I was tired.

The constant almost accusing questions about my life story and a puzzled ”but why?” for everything I have ever done from an intense girl from the Czech republic was just about the last straw before my painted on smile began to peel off so I bade David happy birthday and drove home.

I was rather looking forward to having the whole house to myself while Sarah and Tomo were away in Tauranga for the engagement party but alas it was not meant to be as a large group of south African people where staying in the spare room. No naked living room cavorting for me then. I went to bed overly tired but pleased with having gone to the gym. My stomach is becoming flatter, more defined and I feel fit and strong, when I am not too busy feeling tired to the bone.


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