PART449 Chad goes home

Wednesday, 21st, September, 2011.

On the beginner’s meadow today, the ski patrol were displacing avalanches with dynamite, the sounds like doors being slammed. The surreal noise of a giant door being slammed when you’re out on a mountain, with this huge mass of land looming above you and still that sound is so fitting as to trick you into believing that you are actually indoors.

While we were digging out the sun kid conveyer belt lift( curse its makers and its ridiculous design) the patrollers were letting rip above on a cliff we could see. Puff a plume of smoke went up and the shock wave blasts through you and the boom. Almighty vibrates you so as to assimilate you to its wave length, for a millisecond only.

Chad, a large charismatic man who before today I rather respected had been working all night at the same bar I had been at over madi gra ”fuck I was there until 4:00” he said as we had finished putting up the que gates and finished digging out that stupid sun kid lift.

Chad, AKA ” I have two jobs but when I am too tired I leave my coworkers high and dry when I feel like going home and resting because I was up all night working and am too much of a soft cock to hack today” went home and left myself and Bob to do a three man job.


It passed as it all mercifully does and we went home tired.


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