Tuesday, 20th, September, 2011.

I was waiting for the text to say we were not working today as the word was that there was a big storm coming in. To my dismay we were called in. When we arrived at the mountain there was a full blown gale whipping ice and snow in all directions. We all plowed through the weather and into the staff room. ‘‘It’s like being a snow maker again” Brandon said as we entered the door. Indeed it was and how quickly I have grown soft and unused to this sort of weather. We dug for just under an hour. Taking one shovel away and within seconds the wind would blow a fresh layer of snow back. The wind making us unsteady on our feet. We all went home soon and we were back in Ohakune, mild without a trace of the storm which was flailing around on the mountain.


I went to the gym and worked myself silly and then back home again. I had planned to study Chines and do some writing but I just felt so shattered I could barely keep my eyes open so I had a good rest.


In the evening we went rock climbing again.


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