Thursday, 15th, September, 2011.

I was dreaming about work, moving from lift to lift with my coworkers in a land artificially lit only a few meters ahead. Strange instillations demanded my critiquing. A giant fish head with a watery glass eye with a golden puppy sat beside a kitchen table watching it, someone began drizzling blood on them from above I thought it ruined the image. Rugby flags hung still in the air, flags from South Africa, England and New Zealand. They looked like dead flags; they didn’t move in the wind, they were stuck in a vacuum

I woke up at 6:00 and found a text canceling work due to the weather. The tiredness I had felt on waking left immediately and I got out of bed without any trouble after hearing this news, although in general I have been getting to bed early and waking relatively refreshed most mornings. I pestered and chatted to the still sleeping Sarah until she looked like she might really blow her lid and mame me.

I spent a productive day learning Chinese, going to the gym and reading. Also with my renewed urge to become a money earning writer I set about jotting down some notes for a story which has long been dying to be writ. Sarah and I went to town and bought some fresh fish from the fish van and went home and cooked, making hand pulled Chinese noodles and Sarah baked biscuits.


In the morning we sat at the kitchen table and watched the rain fall and the little fat birds on the decking pecking and flapping about the corn cakes Sarah had crumbled and thrown out for them ”BANG” The French windows shudderd and a little bird was seen flat on his little back feet in the air. He must have hit the window and knocked himself out ” oh dear can we call an organization?” Sarah asked me worriedly. As I was thinking whether New Zealand has a RSPCA equivalent the little bird still on its back began to twitch its legs and it flipped over, took a few zig zagging steps and plopped onto the lawn and looked back at us and through the window.

I found that I have a substantial bruz on my left rib today, I think from flying into one of the sticky out nobs on the climbing wall when I sailed down the other day. I also know that I spelt ‘’bruz wrong, but the spell checker on my computer doesn’t even recognize my attempts at spelling the word, I cannot even vaguely spell the dam word. I am 25 years old and I cannot even spell bruz properly.


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