PART440 Bickering

Thursday, 1st, September.

The first of the month, I always feel a sense of achievement at the beginning of the month. Another month out of the way, I suppose it’s better than regretting the month past. Nothing good ever came of ruing a month lost. Or maybe I am wrong, sometimes a contemplative rue is just what is needed.

A sunny day, dazzling white snow reflexing the suns light, thank god for goggles. So many people working here have the unattractive panda eyes, a dirty looking tan line from the cheeks down, their forehead and upper cheeks a pale white. Some people look as if they do it intentionally as if it’s something to be proud of, the mountains version of battle scars.


Spring is coming, hotter weather, slushier snow. I was working on the meadow today. The meadow work usually reserved for those on Bens black list. I don’t understand why. You just have to stand by the conveyer belt lift and watch beginners slide off it or be down at the bottom of the gently sloping field and stick the round disk between customers legs and watch as the rope attached to it pulls them off up the hill, also you get one hour off every two hours so the day goes so fast. I chatted with the customers as they came past on the magic carpet belt.

The continual bullying inquisition of the liftys simmers away, everyone calling each other lazy fuckers while they themselves hang around. ”if there is any poo in the pool just take it on yourself and fish it out, don’t come moaning to me, sort it out yourself” Ben told us all in the morning meeting while talking on the subject of disliking fellow colleges. ‘’if you leave the poo in the pool then the water turns brown and no one can swim anymore’’ Ben added.


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