Tuesday, 30th, August, 2011.
The snow is melting. A spring slush has now replaced a lot of the former winter ice. I am in the process of getting panda eyes with the sun tan mark from working outdoors. I just go from bright red back to pale white. I was not made for the suns full strength.

My nose is shiny red with sun burn and my cheeks are redder than usual, but no other parts of my skin are available to the suns culinary desires when I work. I do put sun cream on but still I go red.
I was on the giant drive today. A chair lift down in a gully. Today as I worked bumping the lift for customers I saw the helicopter flying up high with its cable loosely falling in its wake. It was in the process of taking away the snow making guns. My former fellow snow makers hard at work digging out the neglected buried guns. I saw them flown down to base.

I was working with Nathan today, A smily dozy Maori boy of 17. He has a constant grin on his face, we took it in turns bumping chairs and keeping the snow ramp leading from the gate to the chairs clear and smooth. We didn’t talk much. I havent been in a talkative mood recently. I prefer to get on with my work and watch the mountain and just let my mind drift.
I managed to ski down a black run for the first time today. On my break I took the giant lift up to the top and began to ski down the old routes I usually take, I saw a black diamond run coming up and with a surge of adrenaline watched as I turned down the steep slope. It was steep and icy, the suns reflection glaring up at me. I took my time linking my turns down the curving narrow slope, controled turns one after another making my way down, feeling my balance shift and sink into which ever foot was furthest down the mountain. Before I knew it I was at the bottom and  proud of myself.  I sped through a gully and down to base again before taking a series of lift back to the giant.

On my second break I thought it was wise to forego the skiing and just make my way to the nearby snowflake restaurant to eat something and actually have a rest on my break. I made my way out of the gully via the steepest part, basically a snowy cliff face. I clambered up the wind growing stronger as I rose, my coat flapping wildly, I reached the top and gasping for breath after my climb, I thought that the now horizontal plane ahead would give up little or no difficulty. I stepped forward and next thing I knew I was up to my neck in snow. I had fallen through into a  dark rocky hole which had been coverd only with a thin layer of ice. I was precariously balanced on a rock with one foot and I could see that the hole went a far way down and it was not my desire to feel the bottom so I carefully spread my weight around and crawled out and made my way to the snow flake cafe.

At the end of the day I managed to inflict a series of unfortunate events on myself. I managed to be leaning over the snow ramp when a chair came past and it fairly brained me. I was alone and I fell to the floor dazed for a moment before the pain and rage set in. I got up and clutched my head tightly wishing the pain away, shortly after I was doing the exact same action of leaning over the snow ramp, raking it up now very conscious of where the chairs were coming from and so forced on the chairs now that my hand slipped off the rake as I was bringing it down on to the ramp that the handle caught me under the chin hard as the other end hit the ground. Yet again some clutching and some swearing and a good deal of dark angry thoughts.

I went to the gym again after work, I have been able to do more pull up than before, now I can do 4 in a row!, it may not sound like much but compared to before when I could barely to one decent one this is progress. I have never been good at pull ups, sit ups or push ups. something about using your own body weight, with my long arms and bulk it’s all a bit of a chore for me.


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