PART434 The light house loo and a long sleep.

Tuesday, 26th, July, 2011- Wednesday, 27th, July, 2011

The light house was drafty and cold. The spiral stair case had steps of stone, gray worn in slabs. The medievil archery windows gave a slithering glimpse of the wild forest outside. A grim dense mass of trees. At the bottom of the spiral stair case a little alcove housed the loo. The strange thing about it was there was no door. just the bottom of the stair case and to the side a loo. Even more strange and sinister were the story’s surrounding this area. The faceless people who were there today told me that who ever used it befell bad luck and even death.

A tense air hung thick and menacing around the bottom of the light house. I was fearful but it was the only place to go so I resigned myself to use the cursed bowl. As soon as cheek had grazed its frigid rim I knew I had roused a violent evil. I re troued and fetching a gnarly stick which had fallen from the  tree by to the light house I took it to the back of the loo. Smashing wildly, desperately. Wishing to rid myself of this curse and curious to find out what the bowls of this thing would render to me.

Every time I smote the thing it broke a little and outside the trees rustled angrily, something rushing, something angry clawing its way towards the lighthouse. ” the sky is turning black, the trees are possesed” one of the faceless people told me as I bent to my work destroying the abomination.

Finaly I made a break into and through the porcelain, a vacuum reliesed and a rushing scream of air burst out. I hacked away and the loo crumbled away. As the dust settled an object became visible. It was a rotting skull, tendrils of flesh hanging from it. A scroll lay beside the skull. I picked it up and read hurriedly. The paper flapping wildly as whatever was making its way towards us drew closer. The scroll was unreadable apart from one part which told of a prayer which would protect the sayer from the evil which they had released. I picket the skull up and raising it high above my head and brought it crashing down on the floor, It cracked open and the forest outside  roared. I leapt out of the lighthouse and confronted the forest and watched a darkness snaking its way towards me through the tangled forest.
I filled my lungs with air and shouted out the prayer into the forest and the encroaching evil. It reeled back but made another lunge forwards, I repeated the prayer again and again untill the darkness left and the sky turned blue again.

I woke up briefly from this dream, intent on writing down the prayer, I floundered in my groggy state and unfortunately didn’t manage to get pen to paper and my prayer was lost as I sank back into the dream relm.

I woke up at 12:00 on Wednesday. A 19 hour sleep. I had such vivid dream throughout the night, such a long time line, I felt like I had lived a life time and I was unaccustomed to my waking life again.  ”you were sleep talking so much, talking about snow all night and sleep walking” Sarah told me when she came in.

I took a shower and slowly creaked to life, the last few days had severely wearied me and I lived the day in a mild stupor, having missed so much time to sleep. I helped Sarah clean the house and then we went to bed again in the evening and I slept once more.


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