PART431 shoveling the roof

Friday, 22nd, July, 2011.

I slept untill midday, now after this 3 day weekend I have reverted back to night time sleeping. I cleaned out a room which had just been vacated and then chopped some more wood. I spent the rest of the day catching up on blogs before going to work in the evening.
When we got up the mountain we found that the temperatures had raised greatly and there were many a dripping icicle, the ground rocky and clear in some parts. Brandon and I spent most of the night digging the snow off the HR roof. It was hellishly slippy. I was using the snow to stand on and Brandon hadn’t quite cottoned on to how to climb the roof yet. ” how did you get up there?” he said inquisitively as he stepped up on to the leathel slick incline. He slipped down fast and did a whipping fall, his legs coming up behind him and his head whip lashing down and hitting the roof and the shovel he had just dropped. There was an almighty crash and he slid down the roof a bit. After I found out he was ok I could not stop laughing.
I got to have a play in the Bob cat digger in the morning. the snow which we had shoveled off the roof was now lying on the plaza below, Naya gave me a brief lesson in how to operate the digger scoop and drive the little machine and I rumbled around jerking the scoop around scraping up the snow and piling it where the snow Cats could move it away. I was surprised at how tiring it was. All the mechanical juttering around, the noise, not feeling fully confident in this new machine all fatigued me greatly. Naya took over after an hour or so and after hurling over some abuse to Andy at the chair lifts and him throwing some back I set about clearing the little snow that was left in the plaza. Brandon who was still on the roof kept on shoveling snow down on me which would plap on my head and down my neck. I told him he would regret it and he did when at lunch time I put washing up liquid and salt in his hot chocolate. I was very surprised at how much he drank of it. He finished a good quarter of it before rasing the eye brow and viewing his styraphome cup critically.

When I got back to the BnB I cleaned and worked untill 1:00 afternoon and then tried to sleep. I got a phone call from Shaz in the afternoon saying we would start work at 5:30 in the afternoon instead of 7:00. So I got up had a shower and got myself ready.

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