PART430 cleaning the 80s house

Thursday, 21st, July, 2011.
Sarah worked up the mountain at the restaurant and I worked at the BnB for the morning then I spent the rest of the day eating fruit and playing zombie defence agency on mini clips game site. I even had a soak in the hot tub. I don’t feel very comfortable using it when Gary and Carleen are here as they havent really said we can use it but everyone was out today. I pilfered the ceriel and sat in the sun light feeling my battery’s slowly recover. My tired aching body finally allowed to let me know exactly how depleted it wwas.  It’s not necessarily when your working that you realise your tired, oftain I will get a boost of energy which can keep me going for day. It’s when you stop then the flood gates open and you break down.

When Carleen came home and she found that the Chinese couple had taken the collapsible bed out of their closet and used a duvet  from the linen closet in the hall way she became tight-lipped and boggle eyed ”I hate to say it but its the Chinese ones who always take advantage, they always cause proplems” she said. I actually agreed although stating that they probably don’t all take advantage. I just base my experience on the many hotels I have stayed in in China and how guests will use the hotel staff like slaves, demanding and getting all that they can. Carleen oftain complains about the guests, saying they use too much hot chocolate, their kids are annoying ” I hate kids, their little shit bags” and even when I have seen guests in the living room I can sence that she just wants them all to leave.
” its good we have so many guest, you are making money Carleen” Sarah said the other day. ”Oh but we have bills to pay” Carleen replied ”its so expensive keeping you both here and we are so poor as well”. Yes poor people have sports cars, hot tubs, running machines and sun beds dont they Carleen?

Sarah came home and we both went to the house over the road which Carleen is renting out for a friend. It is a small holiday house, with a steep high roof, ugly 80s furniture. Brown cork floors, dark brown round carpets, long orange carpets. Sickening complicated wall paper. Lots of rich oranges and browns. Dusty copys of the readers digest, books with musky smells and yellowing pages. It was a dark, oppressive house and it gave me the creeps.
We cleaned it and took the rubbish back to the BnB. I was about to get a few hours sleep before work when Shaz texted me saying that there was no work tonight. I was disappointed as I was looking forward to the money and I didn’t want to get into a relaxed mode but a part of me was very happy to get some more rest, besides I still had level 9 onwards on the Zombie defence agency to compleat.


2 thoughts on “PART430 cleaning the 80s house

  1. Yes but you’re earning yourselves honours degrees in cleaning – In many ways it’s more impressive than making snow.

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