Thursday, 7th, July, 2011.

I sat upright in bed for a good portion of the night, watching with interest the dull light coming from my laptop beside the bed. It was a snow gun, far down the mountain. Sarah would wake up occasionally and tell me to go back to sleep. I obeyed but only for a time before I would return to my post on high observing the far off gun.

Another day of rest, I drove Sarah and I to the supermarket and we had a big shop. I love a big shop, the heartiness of it. Such an essential wholesome activity. Like a pair of squirrels gathering nuts for winter. Sarah and I walking together down the aisles discussing what to buy, reminding one another of what we needed. Small quibbles about the necessity of say, a muffin or crisps. Then of course the paying at the end which always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. On top of that I owed Sarah money for the car we have just bought, for a set of thermal underwear she got me and for a big shop she did the last week. basically I owed her a load of money.

We left the supermarket and unloaded in the car and then I went to the bank to withdraw. I watched in muted dismay as my last weeks hard-earned cash which had barely settled into its life in the bank was snatched out and fast used up. I was genuinely and deeply upset. Will I ever save any money? I understood when I was pissing my wages up against the wall with drinking but now I am really trying to save and I still cannot keep my money in the coffers. Ah well say C’est la vie.

Sarah and I drove to Ruatahi a small town near Ohakune. Sarah was driving and I was very much on edge as she slowly zigzagged around the road, cars overtaking testily as she drove slowly and with great concentration. Sarah’s driving is improving rapidly and her confidence is going up as well in regards to driving.

We were visiting Ruatahi because there is a small newsagent or as they say in NZ the dairy were a Chinese family work and own. We arrived and entered the ramshackle place. True to many old style shops in China it was more functional rather than aesthetically pleasing. Piles of cardboard boxes, shelves hurriedly packed but everything in plain view. The family was from Shandong in the north and Sarah had a long chat with the grandmother, talking mainly about food and how they were able to cook Chinese food in NZ.

After a chat we drove back home and I had a rest and awaited work in the night-time. Just as I was getting ready the heavens opened and Shaz texted me saying that there was no work tonight. I smiled and relished in the light and warmth of our room, listening with a sence of security as a wet and windy gale began to gain and churn outside.

2 thoughts on “PART421

  1. most peoples lives. working hard with little to show for it. Try and change the angle you look at it,
    be greatfull for what you DO have. Its a Lot give thanks. Love DAD

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