PART420 My half made world

Wednesday, 6th, July.
Strange dreams, very strange dream. I slept last night or rather I lay in bed watching. I watched as my bed room became a blizzard, the darkness of my room was the darkness of the mountain. I lay in powdery snow. I pulled a sheet of ice up over my neck and looked down on the carpet, I looked upon the mountains face. A heard the low howling of the wind but I could not feel it. I watched for eternity this stark silent place, an incomplete world my half awake mind had created. I was looking for something but I don’t know what.

I got out of bed early in the morning and made Sarah and myself eggs Benedict. It’s all about eggs Benedict at the moment, eggs this, Benedict that. I wonder when I will tire of it?

I forced myself to rest and I ate more than I felt like. I knew I needed to cram sustenance and restore my depleted body. We watched films all day and went to bed early. A heavy tiredness led me swiftly to sleep.


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