Monday, 4th, July, 2011.
My last night of work before my nights off. I was so excited during the day that I hardly got any sleep. I performed my classic sleep walking manuvas and took some of the sheets off the bed.

I went to work in the evening, tired but so deliriously happy that I wasnt working the next day. At about 4 in the morning the temps rose to above the minus so we shut the guns down. I was working with Monty who had stayed up all day snow boarding and the night before had been out drinking. He didn’t look well. Stopping frequently to rest. The conversation was lacking but that was ok.

There isn’t all that much to say on the mountain when you work. The surroundings demand a degree of introversion and silence. We finished work at 6 in the morning which is early and Bolton kindly took us back home in the van.

As I walked up the drive way I saw the car which Sarah had bought off Robbie earlier in the day. It’s a white suberu station wagon, automatic. I entered the house, took a quick shower and then climbed into bed with Sarah and gave her a long awaited embrace. I havent been able to be in the same bed as her in 10 days and I was over whelmed.


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