PART415 trained by Bolton

Friday, 1st, July, 2011.
The problem with having an easy night like yesterday is that you get complacent and soft. I bought my laptop up the mountain again, hoping that we would be sitting down to another night of film watching. Not so. Although the temperatures where only just in the minuses the humidity was down to about 15% and there was almost no wind. This is perfect snow making conditions.
Today Bolton who is one of the more veteran snow makers was moved to-night shift to help train us up more. Bolton took me up for a couple of laps round the mountain. We went through all the things you should check on your rounds. Checking if the compressor is below 160 pressure, make sure it’s not too hot, if it is then put some ice on it. Make sure the hydrant is below 500 PSI, if it isn’t then you have to close the hydrant manually untill the pressure drops. What worrying is the hydrant is oftain well above 500 PSI so if one of the hoses became lose you would have a serious hazardous thrashing hose on your hands. All sorts of checks Bolton reminded me of and helped me to become more confident with doing things on my own.

I hate the feeling of not knowing what to do while others are all busy. I suppose it all roots back to school when I remember being in class, everyone else with heads down, a look of content concentration as they wrote in their text books and me not even knowing where to start. Even when the teacher would explain to me I would not understand and after a few times I just found it easier to copy the person beside me. unfortunately my desk partner wasnt always right.

Fortunatly this is exactly the sort of job where copying is an advantageous trate. After a time of watching and copying my superiors these confusing button pressing, pressure testing gun rotating movements all fall into place and slowly I become enlightened as to what I should do.

And so it was with Bolton, or as we sometimes call him ”helmet” becasue he wairs a helmet. I know its not very original but as I said before there are many ways in which this place is like a play ground.

Bolton is from America and has been doing four winters in a row now, moving from America to NZ with the changing of the seasons. I like Bolton but many people don’t, they think he is just trying to climb the promotional ladder. Bolton also hooks up with a lot of girls in bars which I suppose is a sore jealously point for some.

The night went fast and although we spent most of it hiking which was physically tough the lack of wind and snow made it all a more enjoyable experience.

Bolton has given me a sence of confidence and knowledge which I lacked before and it makes my job so much more enjoyable.


One thought on “PART415 trained by Bolton

  1. its soo important to feel confident in a new job well done Bolton.ALWAYS be aware of
    compressed air it can be leathal. DAD

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