Saturday, 18th, June, 2011.

A day of rest, no work, we woke up late and I cooked a hoki fish bake and tried my hand at a Pavlova cake. I beat the eggs, the sugar, added the vanilla essence, vinegar and corn flour. It all looked so good as I slipped it in the oven, as it rose and became crispy and slightly golden the whole kitchen was filled with a sweet smell. I felt like a real master chef. Cooking fish and cake what couldnt I do?

The fish was very tasty, with walnut, lemon and pesto. I was expecting the Pavlova cake to be just as good, I took it out of the oven and with a sinking heart I saw that the base which should have been a light marang jobby was just a congealed solid mass of sugar. I put the whipped cream and kiwi fruit on it and it looked almost like a real cake. Sarah cut a piece for me and I bit into it. It was so sickly sweet, as it looked and was it tasted like eating cooked sugar with cream on top. For some reason I finished the slice which I regretted. Feeling the torrent of sugar course through my veins.

So it was a day of disappointments and achievements. As most days are.

3 thoughts on “PART403

  1. someones just written a book [Success always starts with failure’ or suchlike , Twas reviewed on Start the week yesterday .

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