PART399 looking down

Tuesday, 14th, June, 2011.
Another beautiful sunny day up the mountain. We were still putting the fences in. All the way up the mountain these ugly rusty metal poles stand in single file moving down, or up which ever way you want to see it. We just moved large black coils of hard plastic and attached them to the metal poles creating the rungs of the fence ” its not really to stop people going past this point its more to make a barrier for the snow, it builds up around the fence and then the snow cat comes in and plows it to wherever we need it.

The mountain is open to the public at the moment and some people have been coming up and walking around, curiously watching the work taking place and walking up the accessible parts of the mountain. Many of the RAL staff regard these walkers with disdain ” why the fuck are they coming up here there isn’t even any snow?” one snow maker said as she watched a couple walking pasted us.

Another couple of people were heading down the mountain while we were working and one snow maker looked up and said ” fuck that one next to the man is fucking tiny, is it a child?”, ”or a teeny fuckin Thai bride” another one pipped up. The couple stopped further down and took some photos and the large group of snow makers all of whom were just standing around turned to look at the walkers with unfriendly eyes, staring as if the walkers were some sort of nuisance, making fools out of themselves rather than a couple taking pictures.

Khan the large Maori man who I had done the night shift with on Saturday played a practical joke on me. It was the afternoon and we had been sitting round not knowing what to do for the last half an hour. I saw him at the top of the HR offices and I walked up to him and asked what we were ment to do. ”bro we are heading home, go and get your bag man” he said as he sat smoking his cigaret. I turned around and went to fetch my bag from the snow making staff room ”so we are off home then” I said to Bree the army girl who was just leaving the staff room ” no I don’t think so, we are going to do nozzles again I think” she replied with a confused face.

I knew Khan was having me on so I returned back to the HR office to let him have a jolly good laugh at me. Khan was having a fit of the giggles when I marched up to him. A small group of people were gathered round laughing as well. At first I must say I found it pretty funny as well, but it wore thin  fast and in the end I had a sence of humour failure. They just kept laughing and going on about how I had been served, how gutted I was. They really found it very funny. I suddenly saw it as completely juvenile, I was suddenly reminded of those American teen films with the highschool jocks and it all fit into place at that time. This job on the mountain, with all the ”beer fines” for if you make a mistake, all the swearing, the constant joking about how ”fuckin, cuntin shit face I was last night” all the macho swagger just broke my back there and then for one tiring weak moment and I am afraid I climbed up a towering imaginary ladder and looked down on them all.


2 thoughts on “PART399 looking down

  1. Brilliantly but brilliantly put . Again , you are a migrant worker and that has alot of baggage . Well done on keeping your cool.

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