PART395 Moving to the BnB

Friday, 10th, June, 2011.

Sarah and I got up early and packed all our things. Today is the day we move to the BnB in Rangataua. I asked Andy, a fellow snow maker if he could take us and our luggage to our new home. He agreed and to pass the time Sarah and I went down to Ohakune and had a cup of hot chocolate in the mountain rocks bar. Andy was picking us up at 3:00 so we had plenty of time. We drank our drinks and then went shopping. On the way out I saw the Ohakune newspaper office just over the street. I went over and asked the front desk woman if they employ freelance writers. I was expecting her to say no just like the people in the te Puke newspaper said, but to my surprise she said yes and gave me the email address of the editor as he wasnt there at the moment.

Andy picked us up and we took our luggage out of James house, he wasnt in so we didn’t say goodbye yet. Andy was with his friend Brom, I had a double take when I saw him in the car, The last time I saw him he had a moustache and stubble and I thought he must have been in his 30,s but now he was completely clean-shaven and looked like he was in his mid 20,s which in fact he is.  I remember Tamar another snow making girl saying ”he has to get rid of that moustash” and I wonderd if she had anything to do with it.

Andy and Brom are also living in Rangataua near the BnB we will stay in. Brom has a house which they are both doing up at the moment, it’s a very manly house, as Sarah put it when we arrived. Tools everywhere, the masking tape around the painted window frames still on. ”come and look at the bath room I have just tiled, it looks mean” Andy said proudly when we had entered the house. Indeed it was a mean bathroom, a new glass shower, light cream coloured tiles and a stylish white sink. I thought about what a great project it must be to work on your own house. Creating your own living space, it must fulfill a very primal need, that of…well creating a safe place to stay.

Later when Carleen the owner of the BnB was back we took all our luggage over and rung the bell. Carleen came to the door and after putting all our stuff into our new room she took us into the living room and we had a chat about things ”dont worry about starting work now, you can have a few days rest before we talk about all that” she said when I asked her if there was anything to do. The two little white dogs yapped and ran about and as I sat on the sofa one jumped up and turned its very smelly behind right into my face.

After a chat Sarah and I went into our room and began to unpack. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Since I left Te puke I have been living out of my rucksack. Having to rummage around all the time to find clean cloths, socks (which to my great annoyance when I arrived in Ohakune I realised I had left all the way back in Te Puke…all of them apart from the ones I was wairing). Unpacking gave me the psychological kick which told me ” your at home now” It was a  reassuring moment.

Sarah was so amazed that we had such a big room and such a clean shower ”its like living in a hotel, I cannot believe we will be here for 4 months” she said as she stood in the bathroom marveling at the hotel like towels and toiletries.
I have been on call today which means I get paid two hours work for doing nothing. I still havent heard when my night shift starts but I feel like its going to be soon. Others have worked at night this week and I can feel my turn is coming soon. I must get as much rest as I can before the hard grafting begins.


2 thoughts on “PART395 Moving to the BnB

  1. the local news paper sounds hopefull,are you going to suggest a weekly colum,on what subject -s.
    well done on finding the b-b it sounds juist right. Do you have far to go to work. DAD

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