PART393 finding a job for Robbie

Wednesday, 8th, June, 2011.

Sarah is coming down from Te Puke today, even though I have only been without her for about 2 weeks I have missed her so much. I missed her more than when I was in the UK without her for almost three months. I think it has to do with what you expect to happen. For instance when I was in the UK I knew that I wouldn’t see her for a long time and to a certain extent I adjusted to it, just before I saw here again, say a week before I started to miss her so much because I knew I would see her soon.
It has been the same now, I knew that I wouldn’t see her for a few weeks and I was just counting down everyday.

I moved my stuff from the cottage back into the house because the people staying in my old room had left now. I had some breakfast and watched a rather clever short film called ”Blinky”. I have posted the video on this blog so I wont ruin the ending for anyone reading.
When Sarah texted saying she was arriving I went out onto the main road and waited. Robbie was driving and Sarah was in the passenger seat. I saw the car coming towards me and they passed by with all the drone like faces you see from passengers and drivers in cars. I waved as they passed and I watched as Sarah noticed me and her face went from inactive, to surprised then to a smile.

They turned around and came back. Sarah got out and we hugged, it was like she was never away in the first place. Robbie got out but became very worried as the two large dogs bound around the garden to see the new arrivals ”dont leave me alone” Robbie said wide-eyed as Sarah and I took her luggage indoors. I whistled and the dogs came in as well. Many Chinese people I have met are afraid of dogs. I am not surprised. Wild dogs in China are not friendly and they are not the cuddly companions which we know in the west.

Robbie is still trying to find a job in Ohakune so after we took all the luggage inside we all went down to Ohakune and I helped Robbie go around all the restaurants and bars and hotels to try to find jobs. At first Robbie was a little nervous, speaking in an almost inaudible voice when introducing himself to the owners of the hotels or restaurants but after a few tries he became more confident. It felt like ground-hog day, we went to so many places and had almost the same conversation in each one. Robbie told them he wanted a job,. they told him they only need people when the season starts and that he should leave his details.

Again and again we went to all the places in Ohakune untill there were no more to go to. We had some lunch and then Robbie had to go back to Te Puke ” last time I drove back it was dark and I drove along a small road, I turned a corner and there was a man standing by the side of the road, he was completely black, I couldn’t even see his face, he had no face, I think it was a ghost” Robbie said to me before he left. Although it was probably just a man with a huddy the thought and the image Robbie described sent a chill down my spine.

Robbie departed and Sarah and I spent the rest of the day relaxing and catching up.


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