PART392 Nozzles

Tuesday, 7th, June, 2011.
I was on the slops, the stars and moon were no were to be seen, there must have been clouds, a heavy silence hung on the still air. I was lying down in the snow but the ski lift, I could feel it beside me. I was ment to wait for some of my work mates to come down from the top. I waited for them to come down but they never came, I could feel the mountains massive presence beside me like when you feel someone standing beside you. It watched me without eyes. I waited and waited and waited some more. I waited untill I realised that I was in bed and when I looked at my phone it showed that it was five in the morning.

The snow making manager gave me a lift from my house today. He pulled up in his large 4 wheel drive and I hopped in. When I arrived to the work shop the RAL crew began to seep in and the catching up after the weekend began. Tales of how drunk everyone got peppered with fucks and shits and cunts flew around the congregation in the car park ”fuck I was fuckin shit faced even before I went to the bar, fuck” Bree the army girl said as everyone joked with her about how drunk she got on the weekend.

I made the brainless mistake of getting in one of the vans instead of the big bus and I sat right on the back seat. As we wound around the bendy roads up the mountain, every motion sickend my stomach and head. Instead of enjoying a good half an hour snooze I had to endure car sickness. I think feeling sick is possible the worst feeling ever, give me good old-fashioned pain any day. Give me a punch in the nose over food poisoning please.

The day was spend taking the water nozzles off the snow guns. We had two spanners, two guns and 5 people to do it with. For hours we took it in turns to unscrew all the nozzles, outside in the blowing wind and rain. When they were all off we went up to the workshop and spent the rest of the day sat on the sofas taking apart the nozzles and cleaning them in water then putting them back together again. Monty a large kiwi man wo was on night shift last year sat with me and Bree and we chatted while we worked, when a few of the other snow makers came in they decided to start up a game which they had played all of last year. Its very simple. If you ever say ”mine” you have to do 10 push ups. Its as simple as that. We all shook on it and that was the beginning.

I was far too eager to begin and tried without any result to trick people into saying the word ”so Monty whose bag is this?” I said ”that bag doesn’t belong to me” Monty replied smoothly ” you see you shouldnt bring attention to it other wise you put people s guard up, you have to let people forget and then they will slip up” he advised.

At lunch time I got out my box full of stir fry, beef, sweet peppers, onion, carrot and spices, and a salad. ”fuck that looks fuckin mean” one of the snow makers complemented. ”mean” means really good for Kiwi slang, I cannot remember if it does in english as well. ”sweet as” is also something you hear almost as much as the F word.

The reason why work is so slow at the moment is because the weather is too warm so we cannot make snow yet. Its all just preparation now.
As we drove back down to Ohakune at the end of the day the gray cloud blanketed the whole sky apart from one spot visible at the bottom of the mountain. A break in the clouds showed far below a set of hills bathed in sunlight as the almost biblical beam of sunlight shone down on this scene alone. I half expected a choir of angels to descend with golden trumpets.


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