PART391 a few videos

Tuesday, 7th, June, 2011.

So after all my holier than thou talks about drinking and how I am not partaking at the moment, Here is a video which myself and some friends shot and which my Brother Chiff edited and made into something presentable. basically when I was in the UK last time I waged an all out siege on my liver with drinking heavily. Here is a taster of those times

Here is another blast from the past when I was first in China in 2007, I was much thinner, had much longer hair and it all looks like a million miles away. It’s a short video of my Taiji Master.


2 thoughts on “PART391 a few videos

  1. am seriously but seriously seriously not impressed by having the family splashed so unflatteringly and immaturely across the ether .

  2. Hopefully you are mature enough and sober enough now to see how IMATURE that was and foreswear such intemperance ever again! – Seriously: Thinking that getting that drunk is clever, is the behaviour of teenagers and you are both well past your teens now.

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