PART385 meeting Carleen and seeing her BnB

Wednesday, 1st, June, 2011.

Shaz called and said we didn’t have work today. I was reminded of our beginning work in Trevelyan in Te Puke. I wondered and worried if this job would be as sporadic and unpredictable as that.
The good thing about having a day off was I got to look for permanent accommodation for the season. Although staying with James was fine, he is a bit of a party person and the last thing I need when I start doing night shift and come home begging for sleep is a house full of drunk people bopping the night away, also his house as stated before is on a small dark road, which is  rip for my demise.

After a breakfast of left overs from yesterday and a long shower I walked down to town and after looking at the notice board found a promising advertisement for an exchange accommodation in a BnB just outside town. I phoned the owner Carleen and arranged to be picked up and bought to have a look at the place.
Carleen husband Garry picked me up in town and took me to see the place, Garry turned out to be a builder and there was a possibility of finding some extra work with him if I had spare time ” because of the recession I have to go further afield to find work, we moved to Ohakune to be closer to the mountain and all this beauty but now I have to go to places like Auckland for work” He explained.

We arrived in Ratahi the small residential area outside Ohakune, Garry pulled up to the bungalow BnB and Carleen was standing outside. A large woman, wearing smart cloths, a black long skirt and a white shirt with a frilly collar and a tweed jacket. pursed lips, chin length blond hair and lots and lots of make up. You could tell she used to be beautiful.

Carleen took me on a tour of the place, a spotless series of large rooms. Large pictures of Maralin Monroe in every room. The room which would be ours if we chose to take it was beautiful, a king sized bed and a big shower which Carleen boasted had ”the most powerful water jets”, there was a jacuzzi, a weights room, a sun bed and the livingroom/kitchen was so neat and controlled you could almost feel time tiptoeing around slower than usual trying not to make a mess. When we entered the living room two white little dogs darted out from under a table and began to run around excitedly and a large long hair black cat tarted around importantly by the curtains ”oh its a disaster, those curtains” Carleen said The two large curtains were slightly different lengths. ”I tried to wash them and they shrunk” she said and gave a long history of what happened to the poor curtains.

We got down to business and Carleen told me that she expected someone to clear up the breakfast in the morning and to let guests in and check them in the afternoon and to clean the rooms and living room. apart from having to get up in the afternoon to check people in the work load of about 15 hours a week between myself and Sarah appeared to be manageable and for free accommodation ( which here in Ohakune would coast about 150-200 dollars a week each) and free breakfast as well is a very good deal.

Carleen and Garry appeared to be honest good people and I told them we would be willing to have a trial week to see if it would all work out. They agreed and then Garry took me back home. The only thing I would have to arrange is transport to and from work everyday.
I spent the rest of the day lying in bed watching films. I watched Casino with Robert De Nero, Joe Peshi and Sharon Stone. About some low down mafia gangsters being put in charge of a Casino and the rise and fall from power. Joe Peshi plays possibly one of the most  nasty charictures I have ever seen on film, bar maybe Ben Kingsly in the film ”Sexy beast”. I wonder where these people get the inspiration to play such demonic charicatures? I suppose it s just a case of searching around in your personality and sooner or later you will happen apone your inner Satan.

2 thoughts on “PART385 meeting Carleen and seeing her BnB

  1. Joe Peshi has played some awfull charactors and Ben Kingsley in Sexey beast was too much. How far will you both have to travel to work from this new house.

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