Saturday, 28th, May, 2011.
Waking up in a new place. I woke up in the hostel room, After a long ponderous shower which was so long I am surprised I didn’t entierly disolve I began ringing all the accommodation adverts I had pilfered from the supermarket notice board.

”ringringring” I was calling the first advert, written in blue ink, soft bubbly hand writing, possibly female, requiring 150 dollars a week with internet, wood burner and in town. The name was Sara. ”Hello this is Sara speaking..WAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!” Sara was cut off as a toddlers wale assaulted my ear hole causing me to shudder in my weak morning state. ”as you can hear I have a baby” Sara said apologetically ”oh that’s alright” I replied, instantly saying the polar opposite of what I was thinking. We had a brief chat serenaded by the cries of her  whelp but I told her frankly that I would be needing to sleep during the day so it may not work with her little darling being so vocal. A wise choise to have cut off communication at that point I thought.

”ring ring ring” the second number, advert written in black brio, forward leaning tall letters, done hastily I would deduce. Karen was the name. Ski TV, internet, 100 dollars a week. The phone was picked up and on the other end a hysterical laugh filled the airways. ”Hello” I said ”hel..hahaaahaawhaaa!” was the reply. Someone else was laughing in the background, another woman. I began to get infected by the madness of it all and began a furtive titter which soon evolved into fully joining in with the women on the other line. eventually Karen settled down enough for us to talk.  ”yeah bro, I am not hear today, you can come tomorrow to check it out if you want…no wait I am going to a kid’s birthday party tomorrow, so maybe…maybe in the afternoon, can I call you back?” she said. I didn’t get a good vibe from our conversation but I said she could call me back later.

”rrrrrrring rrrrrring” , the next advert. Black biro again, but this time small well-formed letters, written in a neat straight line. Cottage, sleeps 3 or four people, 300 dollars a week, call Alison. ”Hello, Alison speaking” was the well spoken reply. A very standard conversation ensued and it was settled that I would see the cottage the next day during the morning time. I had a good feeling about this one.

I had breakfast and decided to take a walk to the Powderkeg hotel. It was raining as I walked alone the small road and I was  glad when I arrived and took a seat by the fire-place in the hotel. I ordered the halumi on cebatta and savoured the flavour. I remembered the wise words of my Aunty who said ”when ever you’re in a new place you should always have a good meal, if you are ever unsettled just take a moment and eat some good food” wise words I think and although I am not unsettled I am in a new place so I indulged.

I pottered around all day, going to the information centre and getting a map, finding out were the library was and finding out about transport. I bought a can of red bull (I don’t know what possessed me to buy it) from a small dingy shop run by a very sour Chinese woman ”how much to rent the DVDs” I asked her pointing at the wall lined with grubby old looking DVDs ”8 dollars one night” she said pointing her finger in the air with an aggressive authoritative air. ”oh?” I said and then left.

Earlier in the day I had met one of the people who would be working in the RAL team, RAL is the ski lift company I will be working for. She invited me to the bar tonight, it was someones birthday party. I was contemplating going along but the idea of sitting in a bar while others drunk and I didn’t, just didn’t appeal to me much. Not that I wanted to drink but I just believe that in a bar I would find it hard to have fun without drinking. Dont think I am saying I need beer to have fun, just that in a bar situation. Or maybe I am just scared that I will give in to temptation.

I was preparing supper and was thinking about staying in and watching Avatar and the hot tub time machine on ski movies in the hostel lounge or to go out and be social. I opted to watch the films and in fact an English girl was staying in and watching the films as well. It turned out she had been to university to study creative writing and English, she was interested in comics and films and loved traveling. We chatted late into the night while watching the films. She is basically a female version of me. It almost got boring because we were not really having a conversation we were just saying things and agreeing with oneanother. Very strange indeed, to find someone so very similar and to grow tired of their company in the space of a few hours. Like having a conversation with your own reflexion, there is no new material.

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