PART377 Not going to Hobbiton

Tuesday, 24th, May.
We had arranged with Robbie to go to the Hobbit village which was used as the set for the lord of the rings film. It was only an hour away from Te puke and time was running out for us to go and see it. When I woke up in the morning I picked up my phone and read the text from Robbie saying he felt dizzy and sick so we wouldn’t be going today. The words he had spoken yesterday now echoed in my ears ” If I have something fun to do I will not be tired, even if I am working double shifts like now I will still go and do other things as well I don’t feel tired”

Ah famous words, not unlike the sort of famous thoughts I am imparted with in the dead of night, thoughts about achievements, boundless inspiration and my future rise to enlightened success.

So we didnt go to Hobbiton, instead I sat infront of my new lap top trying tpo down load computer games, while Sarah sat infront of her lap top watching her Korea tv searies. So close but so disconnected.


One thought on “PART377 Not going to Hobbiton

  1. the human condition, full of unfulfilled idears ,actions and dreams. keep fighting back the mists of time, its later than you think.

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