Friday, 20th, May, 2011. As the cycle of life inevitably goes, Sarah’s cold left and her and like an unwanted phantom it set up camp in my body. I woke up with the sniffles today. But apart from the sniffles I woke up refreshed from my long sleep. I had turned the lights off at 10:00 yesterday eve and I can certainly tell the difference the next day. When you have to get up at 8:00 or 9:00 you can get away with going to bed at midnight but when you have to rise at 6:00, late bedding is an unforgiving luxury. We worked in Shed 2 today which was altogether a quieter and slower experience than shed 1. I fed a few slow lines all day while I talked with the new Kiwi woman beside me. She complained about her daughter’s 18 year old boy friend that was not working but was staying with her 16 year old daughter eating her food and not working. “So what does he do all day?” I asked. “He just goes and sees his friends and uses my food and energy” she replied bitterly. “Why don’t you tell him to get a job or get out of your house?” I asked again. “Because my daughter is so protective of him, she would get angry and leave the house” she replied with an exasperated fling of her arms. At this point I discontinued the conversation, I briefly thought about how her daughter who was still at school and had a boy friend who didn’t work could leave the house for more than an evening before realizing she didn’t have any food or bed, but then ( very wisely I thought) I got my head back to my own matters.

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