PART372 a day alone

Thursday, 19th, May, 2011. A day off. Sarah Robbie and Iano went down to Hamilton for sightseeing. Traveling for four hours just to see some nice landscape on our one day off didn’t much appeal to me. I went to bed at 8:30 last night and woke up today at 11:00. I cleaned up the mess which Bessie the dog had made of our bins and then walked down in the bright sun light to Te puke.

I was coming to a t junction, the sun light dazzling my vision, a chill breeze cut through my woolly jumper and I shielded my eyes and gazed up high. A stalk flew high above in slow motion, like a dragon. I was momentarily transported to a fantasy realm of spirits and monsters. Breaking my dream a pickup truck full of youths pulled out from the t junction doing a sliding wheel spin right towards me, a case of beer slid off and broke into an explosion of foam behind them. “waahoooo!” the driver shouted as he barely controlled his vehicle.

 I watched with what in hindsight appears to be survival defying indifference as the truck climbed up on the curb towards me, tail end coming towards my valuable old bod. My heart was the only thing which was engaged in the moment and it was certainly very concerned. The imbecile at the wheel jerked the wheel and the truck bopped up and down as it straightened out in front of my very nose and spattering turf under wheel sped off and onto the road again.

Isn’t life interesting! One moment you’re just taking a stole, the next prehistoric dinosaurs soar on high and hill billys career perilously close to maiming you all in the blink of an eye.

I spend the best part of the day in the Library, blissfully out of contact from anyone, me with myself readying an epic comic called “the Necklace” a beautifully illustrated novel with a super imagination fueling its world. The usual age old story of self discovery, scary monsters, controlling ones power and not letting it control you.

After the library I went and had an uninspiring bowl of won ton noodles from a Western restaurant. As a general rule I think you should stay away from Chinese restaurants outside of China and especially stay away from western restaurants who cook Chinese food.

As I walked home, Creaming soda in one hand, crunchy bar in the other I began to miss Sarah powerfully, she had dent even been gone for a day and I was missing her so much. I gave her a call and we chatted about nothing for a while as I walked home in the fading light.

Back home I settled down for some serious TV watching.


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