PART367 Sebastian and Kala come for dinner

Wednesday, 11th, May, 2011. Now I cannot regurgitate the same spiel I gave for my last post about forgetting so let me really strain the old bean and see what I can remember about Wednesday….no sorry nothings coming back….oh wait one minute. Yes I remember now

Sebastian and Kala came round for supper. Sarah cooked sweet and sour pork with about 5 other dishes. Mainly vegetables, we had these see through thai wraps which were hard and when you put them in water they become slippery and soft and you use them to wrap up your food and to consume. Sebastian and Kala talked about their eccentric landlady, whose antics at first were a laughing matter but have now become less and less funny.

Described as “a little old lady” she is obsessed with cleaning, she goes through their cloths after they have washed them, she complains if their bed isn’t well made and just today Sebastian got a real telling off because she thought he used her coffee “It was 6 in the morning I was just drinking MY coffee and she walked up, stuck her nose right in my cup and went off on one about not using her coffee” Sebastian said. I thought about how everyone has had trouble with land lords. Every other traveler we have met has at least one (if not more) horror stories. What I find most interesting is how people deal with these conflicts. Sebastian has started to intentionally push her buttons and wants to piss her off, were as Kala is taking the more conservative approach, trying to keep things civil until they move out next week.

The meal went on until late, the fire I had made in the square stove was scintillatingly hot and we all kept well back out of its searing range. Our flat can be a little damp and I take great pleasure in lighting this beast and feeling its drying energy pervade our home. Out you moist demons! You aren’t welcome here. There is a curious greeny mold thriving on the chip board shelf in the bathroom which I can only imagine is feeding off the wet atmosphere. It grows daily. I am interested to see what it will do next.


One thought on “PART367 Sebastian and Kala come for dinner

  1. bleach should deal with the green visitor, dont let it get too big or it may reach critical mass and release spors into the air and that can get in your lungs possibly causing health problems.

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