PART363 the problem with Victor

Saturday, 7th, May, 2011. Today we were back in the noisy smaller shed 1. I was unfortunately stationed next to Victor. The large lazy man from the Martial islands. Today he stank so badly. I could tell he used Lynx deodorant, it wasn’t helping, in fact it made his odor even more revolting. I have met many people who actually believe that deodorant works if you put it on when you’re dirty or smelly. It doesn’t work you fools!! Deodorant only works when you put it on after a shower when you’re clean. How can you be so stupid? The proof is in the pudding, put deo on when you’re smelly and then ask someone how you smell.

Anyway, it was a busy day. Iano the Japanese girl was working to my right. We helped each other out making boxes for each other and keeping spares for when it got too fast. Team work is an amazing thing. The feeling of connection, goals achieved together. It’s what makes work bearable. But when you have a team which doesn’t work together it can be an unbearably frustrating experience. When you have a complete and utter spanner in the works, like sticky jam its always around you tainting your existence. Victor was the jam today.

I understand that he is not a spring chicken anymore and cannot move as fast as the rest of us (even saying this Terry and Andy who are both in their 70s work as hard as the people half their age), I understand that he is overweight and yet again doesn’t have as much mobility as the slimmer people (also there are a large amount of very overweight people working here and as far as I can tell they work just as fast as anyone else). He has half the amount of work which other people do and he still needs help. The thing which really gets my blood boiling is how he gets you to help. When you’re frantically working, just about keeping up with your own line, he will waddle up to you and you have to endure his stench, he gives you a sickly smile and leans in and says sweetly and softly “do you think you can help me with a few boxes?” “Do it your fucking self you dick nose, in the time it took you to pull your incredible bulk over here you could have made all the boxes you need!!” I say in my head as I make him 3 boxes and run back to my station.

Ah! The life of quiet desperation, the curse of an overly polite Englishman. I sometimes wish I could be more like Sebastian who just says what he wants. “ This idiot woman over there, she is making so much trouble for my girlfriend, I want to go and tell her stop being a bossy idiot you bitch, but how can I say it more politely?” he asked me in the afternoon “ but it still has to be a bit rude, but not enough so she can get annoyed, I will tell her when no one is looking” he added as we both watched the woman in question over by the graders, she must have been in her late fifties, a saggy leathery face, the sort of manner which makes you wonder which drug warped her into this crazed existence. Personally I think it was hideous amounts of LSD, she has that look in here eye which says ‘ I have seen some crazy shit in my time”. “You can say, ‘chill out and stop running round like a headless chicken” I advised Sebastian. He liked this and went off to speak his mind.

Raywen has had enough of Victor as well, everyone has to go and do some grading work sometimes as that department is understaffed ( apart from I never have to grade for some reason, I was sent over once and Muki the floor manager told me to go back to box making) when Victor was told to go over he put up a fuss saying “ I don’t have to work here I might quit” Raywen ignored this bluff and sent him over anyway. This was when the grading team started to hate him as well. Everyone has had enough of him. I smell a firing brewing.

Lex the Thai girl has moved out of her old house, when we were having our break she told me it was because she wasn’t getting on with her landlord. He is a mechanic who works at Trevelyans. A man with a well trimmed Father Christmas beard, and eyes like a tiger waiting to pounce. Lex didn’t tell me why she left but I asked her if it was because he was acting inappropriately. She nodded slightly looking embarrassed. I told Lex that if she ever need any help or has any trouble she could talk to me. She smiled and said “ ooh”

There was a gloomy atmosphere effecting everyone today. Even Sebastian who is usually brimming with vim was slack and disinterested. Raywen wasn’t very happy about working. I can deal with physical fatigue; years of waking up with a hangover have, if not made me used to it at least made me know that I can plow through the roughness.

 But mental fatigue or boredom is a mortal enemy of mine. Boredom is the reason I am not an astronaught or an Olympic athlete. Imagine having limitless inspiration, you could do anything. Today I wasn’t mentally fatigued and I wasn’t bored but my soul was and is already working at Mt Ruapehu. I am already snowboarding, I am already wearing thick warm cloths, trudging up dark stormy slops, I am there, I just haven’t sent my body off yet. I live my life constantly thinking about our next plans. Three weeks until I move, tick tock.



One thought on “PART363 the problem with Victor

  1. well written, there is enough unpleasantness about with out adding to it. It can get a bit self indulgent if you get on that boat.
    I should know.

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