PART36O Working holiday or just plain working?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011 Today I could see Raywen was testy. There has been some drama involving the box makers (not to be mistaken for us the box liners). Rob our previous trolley boy whose job it was to keep the pallets full and near to hand for us was waiting for the box makers to finish making a pallet. The box makers didn’t have their hair nets on and Rob told them. In a rage one of the men jumped over the machine and swung a punch at Rob stopping just before his face, that was some time last week. This incident was reported and this particular team was banished from being in the same shed as d4 tray liners forever! Yet they were working right alongside us again today not a week after and still without hair nets. Raywen had the eye of the tiger and just as she was striding toward the boxmen they walked off leaving their work unfinished. We didn’t see them again all day after that.

Yet again we finished early and by three o’clock we were back home again. Jorine one of our roommates was just making her lunch. She had finished working two, twelve hour shifts in a row and was just getting ready to do another. I thought this was utter madness. That’s 36 hours of work in a row. It’s meant to be a working holiday, not a working slave shift. But this view is an uninformed one. For a blessed individual such as I, coming to NZ is an experience to savor, yes to work and hopefully save but if I leave here penniless my long term plans won’t be dashed. I can always make the same if not more money else where.

 As for Jorine and possibly the majority of other migrant workers in NZ this year is a chance to make a significant amount of money. The amount they can potentially save in one year working in NZ could equal several years of working in their home countries. If you also realize that in most parts of Asia (if not all) there isn’t any free health care and pensions aren’t reliable so the money they make now could literally be their life line when they are too old to work. A sobering thought.

The fact that most people on this planet can maintain a sense of humor is amazing.

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