PART357 Rob leaves

Sunday, 1st, April, 2011. Our trip to Ohekune has left me weary. I got up at about five in the morning and in a sleep walk I packed the lap top into its case, stacked my books into a neat pile and cleared the table next to our bed. I just remember thinking “there isn’t enough space. After this little tidying frenzy I sat on the side of the bed in the nude thinking how cold I was but not having the wit to know that climbing back under the covers would remedy the cold. I stayed sitting in this rather uncomfortable manner until 6:10 when my alarm properly woke me up.

I am sure this episode added to my fatigue but I recon the main bulk of my tiredness was from our trip. I am always amazed at how tiring travel is.

Work was very busy all the live long day. At the end of the day Rob the silent Canadian man handed over his florescent jacket and belt with scissors and holder over to Sebastian who is to be the new trolley boy. “Thanks for being the best boss ever, I mean it” Rob said as he shook Raywens hand. The rest of the team murmured in agreement. He shook my hand, Sebastian’s and waved to the rest of us and left. So long Rob.

Back home I draped myself on the sofa and watched tv until it was time for bed. I peeled myself off and fell into bed tired to the core.


One thought on “PART357 Rob leaves

  1. apropos sleepwalking . Some advise meditation in the evening to calm your restless soul ; and no large heavy meals just before sleep . A nibble an hour and a half before is good .

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