PART356 The snow making interview

Saturday, April 30, 2011 after a quick breakfast Sarah and I went to our interview. We still had an hour to wait but in BBHs you have to check out at ten. It was already eleven and we had been hanging out in the living room playing on the play station. The owner of the BBH had been coming in and suggesting that we leave. I got the hint but I think the rest of our friends were too sleepy or involved in the computer game to hear what she was really saying.

We arrived at the powder horn lodge again, it was a brisk sunny day and as the automatic doors opened to let us in I got sudden pang of nerves “what if I don’t get the job?” I worried. We were told to wait in the restaurant area and Sarah ordered a tea I some water and we sat next to a very old nobly looking ginger cat. Curled up stiff on one of the benches. I gave it a stroke and it moved ever so slightly to acknowledgement. Two minutes later Sarah was called away for the interview and I was left with the creaky cat in the restaurant. A minute later I was also called in. I straitened my jumper and walked along and met Shaz, a short pretty woman who is part of the snow making team, she showed me up to one of the rooms and I was introduced to the snow making boss. After taking a seat he began explaining what snow making involved. Mainly turning on and de icing the snow guns, helping deice the chair lifts after a storm and also a lot of digging. The shifts were either from 7:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening or 7:30 in the evening until 7:30 in the morning. I was asked “have you ever skied or snowboarded before?” my answer was no “are you scared of heights?” was the next question, “how high?” I asked feeling a little worried. I suddenly had an image of having to scale Mount Everest to get to these snow guns. “About four meters” Shaz replied. I said this was fine. The pay is about 14 dollars an hour which isn’t a lot but the benefits which involve serious discounts on renting snowboards or ski’s and free mountain passes were what really interest me about this job.

The interview was more of a casual conversation. The only interview question I was asked was “why did you choose snow making?” they are only looking for 5 people and there are a lot of people who are here this year who were here last year and I suddenly felt very unsure about my chances.

I was shown out, Sarah was waiting in the lobby beaming from ear to ear “ I got the job, they loved me, they really want me to work here making sushi and Chinese food also they are going to talk to your boss and make sure you get the job as well” She said to me. Hope came back and I marveled at how at first I was the one who had the interview and helped Sarah get one but then now it was Sarah helping me get a job in the end. I suppose that is what a solid relationship is at its best, helping each other. You can do more together than you can as one person. But I suppose that is only when you are both working together. On many occasions in relationships people work against each other and then you cannot even do as much as you would be able to on your own.

Kala, Sebastian’s girlfriend also got a job straight away but as for me and the rest of our crew who came down we must wait for Tuesday to hear the results.

After everyone else had finished their interviews we drove back to Te puke. Apart from being pulled over for a random check by the police and Fabio sticking his head out the window and saying “ good morning officer” when it was 8 in the evening nothing much else happened. Fabio drove us home and we arrived, unpacked, showered and hit the hay. Tired but optimistic, tomorrow we have work so it’s an early night for us.


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