PART352 the hurt locker

Tuesday, April 26, 2011. If you have to think for more than 30 seconds about what you did yesterday then something is wrong. Either your brain isn’t working very well or you didn’t do anything interesting.

In my case sadly I think it’s a combination of both these things. The only scene I remember is that our butterfly has gone missing. We never let it out of the house so I assume it’s either dead or its hibernating in a warm corner. I had quite a few ideas for short stories today, note pad always close I jotted them down even if they sounded stupid.

It’s frightening how many good ideas must be lost in the constant current of thoughts rushing through our heads. For all you know, you may have had an idea today which if persuade could have lead to a cure for cancer or clean renewable energy but then it failed to get a foothold in your interests and sailed out into the oblivion of forgotteness. But maybe that says exactly how important ideas are in comparison to hard work.

I finally got round to watching “the hurt locker” film today. It was incredibly good. I had become bored of modern war films set in the Middle East, mixing government corruption with the horrors of war. For some reasons the older war films about Vietnam were much more interesting to me. Platoon, apocalypse now, full metal jacket. But the hurt locker had believable characters and the suspense as the main character sergeant William James played by Jeremy Renner disarms bombs in Bagdad. The Iraq people who watch the soldiers with a suppressed hatred is a scary thing, peering out windows, do they have a mobile phone detonator on them? The high buildings of the city with many windows make you realize exactly how exposed you would be in urban warfare. A tense well made film.

The reason I took so long to watch it was because of all the press it got when it was released. It was at the same time as Avatar and during the film award ceremony’s the hurt locker won more awards than the much more expensive and high-tech Avatar. So many of my friends were talking about it and maybe I was just being rebellious but I became sick of hearing its praise sung and thought “ right I am not going to see it now” I was put off by its popularity. To this day I still haven’t seen ‘slum dog millionaire’ for the same reason.

Yes I am shooting myself in the foot but when someone ever asks me “have you seen slum dog millionaire?” I have to keep my mouth shut or I might say something snide. Is it just me or is the name slum dog millionaire pretensions? I don’t know why but it sounds it to me.

Anywho now I have started writing film reviews because I haven’t done anything yesterday. Maybe this is the life of a film critique, do nothing with your life and then bitterly slate the hard work and effort of artists who didn’t even ask you to watch their creations let alone tell them what you thought of it.


2 thoughts on “PART352 the hurt locker

  1. I;ve often wondered why we sabotage ourselves thus . To this day I have not read Swallows and Amazons for the exact same reason .Praps its an infantile reaction to being told what to do . Maybe not ..but it is infantile .

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