PART346 a pain in the toe

Wednesday, 20th, April, 2011. Yet again when Sarah and I got up in the morning Candy soon after rose. She occupied the loo for 5 minutes and when I asked if I could use it she walked out in a daze said sorry and walked back into her room. She still had her face mask wrapped around one ear from work.

We managed to catch the morning bus by the skin of our teeth, no seats to sit on we stood in the isle as the bus chugged along the steep road leading to Travelyans pack house. Maggie gave us both a sausage roll “ my land lady cooked them, I said they look so nice and that Sarah likes them” she gave one for Maggie to take and then with inspired care she said ‘ here her husband must like them as well’ and she gave Maggie one for me as well. Thoughtfulness for strangers.

We also had free sausage rolls during our lunch break from the staff canteen; it was just like Christmas I thought. Work was slow and boring, only made bearable by the brief conversations I had with my fellow tray liners. Mainly talking to Lex about her studies and also to Sebastian and Raywen.

That evening after my run and after dinner I swept purposefully into the bedroom and managed to kick with great vim my small toe into the unforgiving edge of the chest of draws. Oh the pain, the acute pain which didn’t cease, the very real sudden fear of injury. Not wanting to look. Sunken to the ground I buried my forehead into the carpet and prayed earnestly for relief. It came with time and I walked again. A dull ache now remains.


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