PART345 a dream about whaling

Tuesday, April 19, 2011. Another day of inaction, I Dreamt I was the captain of a whaling vessel last night, It was another of my waking dreams were I was awake. I don’t clearly hallucinate but my whole being so utterly believes in whatever drama my subconscious has conjured up that even if I can only see a dark shadow of the chest of draws I know it to be completely natural and in place in whatever realm I am in. In this case the draw was the bow of the ship.

My ship mates who I recognized as my tray lining co workers in real life kept asking me questions, trying to make scurvy deals with me about commissions from draining the whales of their oil. I physically got out of bed and chatted with a few people by the door. They were looking to me for answers; I realized that I had none so I went back to bed. I heard the sea around me and even when I pulled the covers over my face I could feel my crew standing over me watching and waiting for my commands.


One thought on “PART345 a dream about whaling

  1. What had you been eating ? clearly reliving Moby Dick . Apparently a spot of Chi Gung is a good idea before bedtime …interesting .

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