PART340 our mad room mate

Thursday, 14th, April, 2011. I am worried that one of our roommates is mad. Candy the girl from Taiwan is my concern. Sarah and I usually get up at 6:10 to shower, have breakfast and get ready for work. Candy gets up at 5:30 and is walking round the house in a confused slightly irritated way. Washing her cloths in the sink when there is a washing machine next door, walking out of her room then two seconds later walking back in to her room. She would go out to the garden and leave the door open, Sarah reminds her to shut it and when she comes in she leaves it open again. I think Candy and Jorine are both so utterly fatigued from working such ridiculous hours that they are both partially mad. What I don’t understand is they just worked two 11 hour shifts in a row; they come back ashen, haggard and brain dead. They have the option of working another 11 hour shift but they don’t do it because they are so tired so they take 24 hours off. So why didn’t they just work normal hours and they would have got the same amount of money from two days?

At work Raywen told me that I would be taking over as supervisor for the second half of the day. She brought me up to speed as to the box size changes, how to order the pallets from the fork lift drivers (or also known as the forkys) and to keep a certain amount of spares in the ware house. I was fairly nerves about it all as I would be in charge of a whole line of tray liners “why on earth did she pick me?” I asked myself.

I went to the morning Haka meeting with all the other supervisors and bosses. I just sat silently in the office and listened as Muki the manager of shed 1 went through the check lists. “Anyone absent today?” she asked “anyone got any questions?” she asked “yes we have run out of pens” one of the Indian supervisors said to Muki, she was wearing a long colourful dress with a long scarf wrapped around, It was exotically beautiful but I thought it was a health hazard in this job full of fast moving machinery “they are in the main office aren’t they? Go and get them yourself” Muki replied grumpily. Raywen had told me before we went to the meeting that I shouldn’t piss her off. “She is in charge of everything in shed 1 she is very stressed, but a nice person”

Raywen bought up an issue we had with one of the tray liners from Argentina, Paolo the sullen lazy boor had been exclaiming how disgusting it was that some people didn’t wash their hands after going to the loo, this was directly after a staff meeting we had about that very issue. Then when he was caught committing that very crime he became incensed, shouting slamming doors and saying “ no nobody talks to me like that” This event was discussed but like many things which were talked about in the Haka meeting not much was resolved. More like a recap of recent situations.

After the meeting I was left in charge of the tray liners and Raywen gave me her florescent jacket, I took off my green apron and I became the supervisor. It was much easier than I expected, mainly because I was blessed with a quiet period. There were only a few minute box size changes and they were done one by one instead of all at once. Raywen came back just before the end of the day and very relieved I gave her back the supervisor’s jacket. That was when it all became manic, the supervisors of the packers made a blundering error which had a knock on effect and the whole shed was running round trying to keep up with the mistakes and the unforgiving machine, which belched out kiwis whether a box was ready or not. Like ants all working together we managed to correct and maintain the flow of fruit and return to normality.

On the run home I passed a group of Kiwi girls  “ move that arse mister” a girl bellowed at me as I lollopped past red faced and sweaty. I was assailed again when almost by my front door by a gang of kiwi girls on micro scooters and bikes. They must have only been 10 years old. The blond one with gaps in her teeth kept laughing at me and asking “can I come in your house?” and “give me some money”. I bantered with them for a moment but became tired of their rudeness; I needed some inaction after this day of constant movement.

After shutting the door and once in the shower I began to think of them and felt sorry, it a 10 year old girl is already so rude and repugnant, only after a 2 minute conversations then god help them and may he also punish their ridiculous parents. Why don’t they have exams for people who want to have children? Whoever if anyone created man obviously made us with quantity rather than quality in mind.


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