Part305 lamb spine and dumplings

( this is an earlier blog which I must have forgotten to publish so I am doing it now)   Tuesday, March 08, 2011. I didn’t know where I was. The room was alien, it may have been a hotel room, and it was dark and silent. I had to get it done before something happened. I sat up and began taking the duvet out of its cover; I wrapped the blanket around my right foot. It wasn’t working so I go up and went to the loo. I came back and went back to sleep. I woke up the next day and found my covers in disarray. I remembered my little sleep walk. Taking the covers off my duvet is a reoccurring theme with me. The peeling continues and leaving C.S.Lewis behind I now trudge on with the dry self help book ‘easy way to control alcohol’ I do so with a lion red bottle of beer in my hand. If the reader is disapproving then you will be pleased to know that the author says you must not stop drinking while you read the book. Sarah came back beaming from the supermarket today with a football sized bag full of lamb “look it’s so cheap! Its lamb spine, only 7 dollars (about 3:50 pounds) for this whole bag”. I wondered for an instance about spine but threw away my thoughts as I have eaten much more exotic or strange things in China. There is a lot of meat around the spine bones. Sarah made a spicy stew which was ready two hours later. It was hot and delicious, flavor bursting into my mouth. Later Sarah and the rest of the house made dumplings, as I sat upright in our bed room munching through my new book I could hear them all laughing and chatting excitedly. A few hours later Sarah ran in the room and exclaimed “dumplings are ready”. They were indeed ready to eat and on the table, my favorite sort of ready. None of this “dinner is ready” when in fact the vegetables and the table need to be done. Oh no I went to my place, filled my bowl with garlic vinaigrette and chilly and dipped and dipped and ate and ate until I was well and truly full. Then I did the washing up. Not brave enough to go back to my book I sat down and watched some crap American TV, they certainly do it well. It was a program called ‘tool academy’ where people take there philandering cheating partners to be learned about fidelity. It was a feast for the debauched. I sat like a burnt gremlin twitching and itching, peeling my flesh and reveling in others misfortunes and their ridiculous partners, ooh how low I can sink.

One thought on “Part305 lamb spine and dumplings

  1. lamb stew is great if not a bit greasey, the cheaper cuts normaly need 3-4 hours or more on a low heat. Love DAD the chef.

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