PART336 Victors Prophecy

Sunday, 10th, April, 2011. I have lost my will to write, I just don’t know what to write anymore, the events of the day appear boring and meaningless when I think about writing about them. I am not saying that I feel depressed or that my life is meaningless I just feel like a great slab of boredom is viciously crushing my fingers when they are on the key pad. I will persevere for when it’s easy its easy but when its hard and you still persevere that’s when you make really progress.

It was another slow day, Victor the man from the Martial Island was next to me as we worked. He is dangerously obese and at the age of 60 I wonder how long it will be until his poor body gives in. Even his sweat smells ill. He studied English literature in university and we began talking about books, He has read a lot and we exchanged stories. After a short time Victor began talking about the bible. It soon became apparent that he is involved in believing in a prophecy about the anti Christ 7 year treaty. According to victor, soon the anti Christ will come to earth and we will hail him as a savior, he will promise 7 years of peace, giving the Jews back their land and helping them to erect their temples again also helping the Arab world move from Israel and build their own temples, The anti Christ will only keep his bargain half way “the first 3 years will be great, but the next 4 will be chaos, oh it will be bad” Victor said enthusiastically. After this 7 year period Christ will come to earth and banish the anit Christ and he will rain on earth for 1000 years. “It’s not the Mayan 2012 thing, this isn’t true” Victor explained.

Victor also explained how the Jews are the rightful people to have Israel, he explained how in some passage in the Bible God gave it to them “But God also said ‘this land doesn’t belong to any of you it is mine” Victor said wide eyed “we are only here a short time, we do not stay here we are just passing through”

After a few hours of this, I wondered how much more I could take. I believe I am a patient man but Victors incessant talking about this prophecy was wearing me thin on all sides.

Raywen told us we weren’t working for the next two days and we finished an hour early. I worry that we won’t be able to save any money, but I still hold hope that the kiwi season will kick off soon. I have faith just like Victor.


One thought on “PART336 Victors Prophecy

  1. you need to change your about tontoe johnson story. Yes talking to some people is a bit like talking to a drunk.Grin and bare it talk to the kiwis instead. What is going on with the kiwi crop? Well done on the drink thing,in a short while I bet you will view it in a different way. Lovw DAD

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