PART335 I hate smoko

Saturday, 9th, April, 2011. Work was slow and boring; the kiwi fruit was dropping so slowly that we only had to feed a few boxes every so often. I spent the spare time stretching. It invigorated me a surprising amount, helping my tired and aching shoulders to feel lighter and more fluid.

I helped with sweeping; using the trolley to move pallets of boxes I performed other jobs outside my description. Raywen our supervisor and I had a chat about how we could boost the group’s moral. Raywen came up with the idea to have a lunch break where everyone brought some food; we could all sit down and eat. I thought that a box making competition would be a great incentive if Trevelyan gave a prize to the fastest liner.

It was sausage roll Saturday, the delicious smell of sausage rolls hit me as we entered the canteen for our break, I refuse to call our break smoko, which is what everyone says, and it’s even written on the time table. Smoko, the word insults the English language and it insults anyone who uses the word. I told Sebastian about my hatred for the word “I didn’t know what it meant at first, I thought we could only have a cigarette then we have to get back to work. I watched a man finish his cigarette then he went back inside so I followed and went back to work too early” From then on Sebastian has always come up to me just before our breaks and said ‘are you ready for our SMOKO?”

A man from Argentina was working next to Sarah today; he kept on taking her plastic bags, using the plastic kiwi holders and generally riding on her getting all the materials. I could feel her tension build and it became very thick and obvious. The man reached again for a few ready made boxes which Sarah had stacked “excuse me those are my boxes” Sarah said firmly. The man without replying put them back down.

 Later on that day the Indian man with the gray eye came to Sarah’s station and began trying to put some boxes into the belt Sarah was using. It was a busy period and I had dent noticed him as I was working further up the line, I first noticed when Sarah shouted at the man to go away, she looked like an angry tiger, the Indian man was scared and confused looked around for a place to flee. He walked away swiftly “what are you doing here? You’re not meant to be hear” Our supervisor said to the man as he escaped. Indeed he had been taken back to his old job and it was a mystery as to why he had come to our area. We have seen him letching and following some of the girls in the pack house and I suppose he thought he could do the same to Sarah. “Did he scare Sarah?” Raywen asked me during the break “I think Sarah scared him” I replied truthfully.

Jorine and Candy our new roommates have found a job. It’s in the Seeker pack house, a night shift which lasts 11 hours, when we came back from work we met them as they had just woken up. They had slept all day. They didn’t look happy; they made their packed lunch and headed back out the door just as we came in.

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